Blom Bank (Switzerland) SA

Blom Bank (Switzerland) SAEstablished in 1979,

BLOM BANK (Switzerland) SA is a Swiss Bank based in Geneva, Switzerland, politically and economically one of the most stable countries. Present with our Group Network and correspondent Banks in all the major financial centers in the world.

Our main mission is to protect client assets through our Financial strength and by offering conservative and proven investments. In today's sophisticated world, safety means prudent policies, a strong balance sheet and a conservative banking tradition.

Those qualities make BLOM BANK one of the safest banks. Our asset quality and capital ratios are among the strongest in the banking industry.


Geneva is the acknowledged home of international Private Banking :

- "Safe haven" status emerges every time new political or economic tensions appear.

- Banks secrecy laws are particulary appreciated by the wealthy investors.

- Death duties are non existent : Non resident individuals are exempt from all Swiss taxes and duties in the event of
  the depositors death.

- Private Banking skills are highly sophistiated in Geneva, due to the long tradition and specialisation in the field.


Blom Bank (Switzerland) SA - Your Private Bank in Switzerland Blom Bank (Switzerland) SA - Peace of mind